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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE STORY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


While she toils away at business school and her receptionist job, Nicole Hayes escapes into her dreamlog, a notebook she carries with her everywhere she goes and fills with fantastic stories... and keeps utterly secret.

While Josh Kim works at a chain bookstore, he flirts with all the female customers, winning all their hearts and filling the roll of a real player.  Deep inside, though, he believes in true love and yearns for it... not that he'd let any of his friends know that! 

Both of these poor folks are walking along the wrong path, but when they meet they slowly tug each other back on track.  This book is about the tugging.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE CHARACTERS~~~~~~~~~~~~


Nicole Hayes is a business student and design firm receptionist who wants nothing more than to write her own fairy tale.  Life is one big distraction from her passion, especially her charming ex-neighbor Josh!  Even though he can be annoying sometimes, Nicole really does enjoy his company despite herself.


Josh Kim is a hopeless flirt who likes collecting phone numbers of the many hearts he's won in a jar under his bed.  Even though he tries to follow the footsteps of his slick roommate Riley, Josh is still a little kid inside.  The only girl that really challenges his moves is Nicole, so he chases her with much enthusiasm.


Ellon is an ancient sorcerer from Nicole's imagination who had half his soul and his powers stolen away by his pet familiar, Sonneth.  Ellon is on a quest to get his soul back guided by the wind goddess, Syra.  He pops in and out of Nicole's consciousness as she goes about daily life, and even invades her dreams.


William Riley has been Josh's best friend since high school and looks after him like an older brother.  He leads a very laid back and carefree life as a graphic design student and intern, floating in and out of relationships that don't last more than one night.  Remarkably, no hard feelings are left behind him.


Susan Mellen attends college with Nicole and works at the same design firm as a production assistant.  To her, life is a movie and she's the star.  She doesn't mind using people around her to get what she wants, and she likes using Nicole as her sidekick.


Sonneth is Ellon's familiar.  While he hordes Ellon's powers on the moon, he uses them to create evil leaders into the realm of humanity and fill it with chaos.








                                     Sorcerers & Secretaries is 2005 Amy Kim Ganter and Tokyopop